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Dear HVDMA Members and Marketing Community,

We hope this message finds you safe and well.  

In an effort to do our part to delay the spread of the COVID19 virus – we have paused all in person seminars. Podcasts will continue to be released and are available on our website  

While we continue to adjust to the preventative protocols of social distancing, we encourage you to utilize technology to find ways to interact with others in the world as best possible.  We all know social interaction is an important aspect of life. The importance of utilizing all available means to connect beyond in person gatherings, will not only enable us to continue to engage with each other at a safe distance but will be one of many ways we can all assist in slowing down effects of the virus outbreak.  

As marketers we often have a keen eye on how people connect with each other, let’s do our part in helping others stay safely connected.  It can be in trying times, that people find prolific ways to come together to bring love, comfort, insight, solutions, creativity and innovation to solve exigent circumstances.

Stay safe!

Lori Badman and Heather Winnicki

Presidents of the HVDMA

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