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The New State Privacy Laws Group

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Braden Salas
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How does widely this apply to radio? We get our data from people meters and/or diaries? Do these rules not apply when people choose to give their information?

Answer – State privacy laws can apply to radio, if the radio device has a unique identifier. However, certain parts of the laws, in particular a consumer’s right to access information, may not apply (or may not apply in certain situations) if it’s clear that the identifier relates to the information of multiple people in a household.

As to whether the laws apply when people choose to give their information – yes, they do. The laws apply to information collected from or about individuals. But certain parts of the laws – like the right to collect and use personal information or the right to sell information – can be affected by whether or not a person has consented to the use of their information, and what the applicable consent language said.


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