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Disruption in the Media Landscape

  April 15, 2021 |   43 min    |  Webinar 11

Disruption in the Media Landscape
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What is Connected TV and how does it fit into the media ecosystem? During this seminar, we will dive into how this media channel is disrupting the way people are consuming video and ultimately, how advertisers should adjust their strategies to capitalize on this shift in consumption.

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Samantha Foy is a digital media expert with 10 years’ experience in planning and executing digital campaigns for clients within all verticals. She has multichannel knowledge, including programmatic, search, and social, as well as media operations, with a keen understanding of how to adjust digital strategy to meet client goals. Sam is agile in her ability to adapt to the ever-changing digital marketplace, applying new technology and learnings to constantly improve both media performance and internal operations.

True performance-based media strategy and optimization is Sam's specialty. With a focus on driving efficiency at scale for countless clients within CPG, retail and B2B, she has proven success with exceeding cost and media return goals.

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