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How to Keep Your Business Strong During Uncertain Times

  Mar 28, 2023 |  52 min   |  Webinar 25

How to Keep Your Business Strong During Uncertain Times
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2023 is shaping to be a year focused on maximizing profitability over growth as companies are putting a greater emphasis on strengthening the foundation of their organization. This webinar will focus on how brands are accomplishing this over four key areas: Improving customer retention; Increasing Average Order Value (AOV); Increasing customer Lifetime Value (LTV); And attracting new customers faster at a lower Cost per Acquisition (CPA).

Join a unique place where you can easily connect with other members, speakers, and registrants! Here, interesting ideas flow freely as questions are asked and topics discussed - all while gaining valuable insights. Plus, it's the perfect spot for networking opportunities that may lead to something greater in your future. So hop on board now; join us today!

Since 2005, LiftEngine's primary mission has been to help clients better understand and connect with their most responsive prospects and customers, online or offline. Their expertise is behind the marketing campaigns of hundreds of brands through direct relationships and strategic partners.

The data scientists at LiftEngine are proud to present LaunchPad. LaunchPad is an automated customer data management, segmentation, and omnichannel marketing platform with a point-and-click interface. LaunchPad combines customer transactions into a marketing database, adds 500+ fields of addressable data, and tracks over 80 KPIs. This enables clients to understand customers better, track marketing performance, and create intelligent target audiences for highly effective retention and reactivation campaigns.



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Keith Huntoon has over 25 years of marketing, management, and business development expertise. After graduating with a BS in Marketing and Management from the University of Vermont, Keith spent the first three years of his career in marketing and business development for a tech startup in Asia. After returning to the States, Keith was the Director of Business Development for a privately held software development and network infrastructure company in New York City. In 2001, Keith joined Blue Hill Data Services as VP of Marketing and Business Development and in 2005, he co-founded and continues to serve as President of LiftEngine.

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