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Shareholder at ZwillGen, PLLC

Ken Dreifach is an ad tech/martech and e-commerce lawyer at ZwillGen, PLLC, a boutique law firm specializing in privacy, marketing, and internet laws. Ken advises clients on a range of strategic and legal issues involving data governance, privacy, and consumer marketing. Since 2000, he has served in a variety of high-profile roles across the data governance and privacy landscape, including as General Counsel of LiveRamp; Chief of the New York Attorney General's Internet Bureau, and a Board Member of the Network Advertising Initiative.

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Attorney at ZwillGen, PLLC

Hannah Schaller advises on a variety of privacy, alt data, and marketing matters, including data provenance, international data transfers, emarketing laws, and product counseling. She also assists both data providers and data purchasers with alt data diligence. Alongside her counseling and alt data work, Hannah helps draft and negotiate data protection agreements and commercial contracts.

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Dataline is a provider of consumer marketing information, digital audiences, and custom modeling and analytic services. Our clients are primarily major publishers, large financial institutions, major insurers, non-profit organizations, online retailers, and well-known catalogers. 


Our innovative approach to data modeling enables us to provide our clients with custom audience prospects.

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