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Marketing Success in the Digital Age - Lessons learned from the banking sector’s response to the pandemic

 June 30, 2022 |   56 min  |  Webinar 21

Marketing Success in the Digital Age
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Financial institutions, large and small, were a lifeline for both retail and commercial customers during the pandemic. As COVID cases surged, bankers had to find new ways to provide branch services, help customers adjust to being served electronically, improve access to online/mobile banking, and implement SBA-backed Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans. Customer service was managed by employees working from home and marketing messages were quickly retooled to reflect the complexity of the public health and economic crisis.

What was learned by banks has relevance for any industry that hopes to succeed in a post-pandemic digital age. Did using chatbots help? Why are FinTechs growing in types and usage by banks? What shifts in consumer behavior will remain as the pandemic recedes? How do marketers apply lessons learned from banks?


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At cbsi(tm), their primary mission is to produce a select range of need-driven, quality products and services that help organizations increase loyalty, generate revenue, and stimulate usage among their existing customers and target markets. They have been in business for more than 50 years helping nearly every bank in the world connect with their customers. 2022 marks cbsi services 50th anniversary!


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Host of the 680 episode podcast cbsiTalkingBusiness which covers digital marketing, banking insurance, customer service, and business education.


Vice President of cbsi based in Harrison, NY which is celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2022, the company provides insurance-backed benefits to the payments industry.


Early in his career, Ken worked at Herbert Dunhill & Associates, American Express, Dean Witter, and Chase Bank. He is a graduate of Providence College in RI and holds an MBA from Iona College.


In December 2021, Ken received the Founder's Award from HVDMA.



Jim Perry is a Senior Strategist at Market Insights, a consulting firm with expertise in market assessments, delivery optimization, strategic planning, branding, marketing, and culture.


Jim has consulted with clients throughout the United States since 2005. The majority of his work is concentrated on strategy development, marketing, branding, culture, and leadership development. Jim has shared his insights at state, regional, national, and international conferences.


He has been included on Onalytica's list of "Top 100 #Fintech Influencers" and was recently named one of “20 leaders in modern banking every community banker should follow” by Thousands of community banks and credit unions follow his daily Twitter feed for industry trends and the latest news on mergers, fintech, marketing, and much more.


As a consultant, trainer, and public speaker, Jim is known for making complex concepts easy to understand and simple to apply.

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