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2024 Postal Insights:

Roadmap to 2025 Marketing Success Using the New USPS Promotions

April 23, 2024 |  42 min  |  Webinar 34

2024 Postal Insights
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Back by popular demand, our next webinar dives into the latest USPS promotions for 2024, and reveals the ones planned for 2025. Join our expert Deborah Damore as we explore effective strategies and insights for leveraging these promotions to boost your marketing success in 2025. This session builds upon last year's foundational webinar, offering fresh perspectives and actionable tactics. Perfect for marketers and business owners looking to stay ahead of the curve. Don't miss out!

Join a unique place where you can easily connect with other members, speakers, and registrants! Here, interesting ideas flow freely as questions are asked and topics discussed - all while gaining valuable insights. Plus, it's the perfect spot for networking opportunities that may lead to something greater in your future. So hop on board now; join us today!


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Kodi Collective™ (a CJK Group company) is a leading marketing execution services provider, serving B2B and B2C brands and publications. They are a one-stop-shop for customers seeking to reach their markets through multiple channels, offering a full spectrum of offset print, digital print, direct mail, marketing procurement and creative production services. Building on 100+ years of expertise and dedication to serving publishers across many end markets, their innovative solutions tackle the opportunities and challenges their customers are facing today.


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Director of Postal Affairs & Operations @ Enru

Deborah Damore is a dedicated professional with a rich career spanning multiple decades in the Mailing and Logistics industry. Presently, she holds the position of Director of Postal Operations and Affairs for Enru Logistics and Postal Optimization, leveraging her deep industry knowledge and mailing acumen to help drive their businesses to new heights.  Through experience in serving the third-party market she has worked with mailers from multiple verticals to understand and benefit their interests, including the financial sector, direct marketers, publishers, catalogers, package shippers, and nonprofit organizations.


Demonstrating her commitment to the industry, Deborah has held Leadership positions in work group and user groups at Mailers Technical Advisory Committee (MTAC) and Postal Customer Council (PCC), as well as being on the executive committee with PostCom as their elected Secretary and chair of the Flats Mailing Committee.  Deb is also the Postal Chairperson for the American Catalog Mailers Association and has a degree in computer science, and continued studies of supply chain management.

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