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CTV Advertising: Unleashing Growth with TV-Digital Integration

  Sept 19, 2023 |  58 min  |  Webinar 28

CTV Advertising: Unleashing Growth with TV-Digital Integration
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TV advertisers are familiar with the power and versatility of the placement's format. Digital advertisers are familiar with the power and accountability of those formats' capabilities. Both find themselves needing to change how they plan and buy integrated campaigns amidst shifting consumer behavior and shifting brand needs. Learn how integrated CTV-Digital campaigns offer an ideal solution.

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Focus USA is a full-service direct marketing company that empowers businesses to achieve unparalleled success through the convergence of data intelligence, personalized marketing strategies, and seamless data integration. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, we specialize in harnessing the power of customer analytics, life event marketing, and cutting-edge data integration techniques.



VP, B2B Products & Partnerships @ Stirista

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Vincent’s experience in the marketing industry spans 22 years and is currently the VP of B2B Products & Partnerships for Stirista. Based in New York City, Vincent has been involved in business and partner development roles most of his career and enjoys helping customers achieve their sales and marketing goals. Vincent is a current Board Member and Programming chair of the Marketing Club of NY. He recently received the 2019 Marketing EDGE Rising Stars Award. Vincent is also the wacky co-host of the extremely popular business podcast The Marketing Stir. By night, Vincent is a stand-up comedian in NYC and one of the most sought-after corporate emcees in the business. He has hosted over thirty shows in the industry and has worked with Magic Johnson and John Legend.


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VP, Digital Products @ Stirista

As Vice President of Digital Products, Aaron Grote leads the tools and team behind Stirista's CTV-first performance marketing solution. After years on the client side building profitable and award-winning digital marketing programs, Aaron saw Stirista’s forward-thinking strategic moves and jumped on board to help build the solutions companies need to grow in today’s marketing environment.

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