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Direct Mail Online:
Precision in Direct Mail Should Influence Your Digital Advertising

Jan 23, 2024 |  50 min  |  Webinar 30

We will discuss how traditional advertising audience targeting strategies, like leveraging offline deterministic data about households is the key to unlocking and staying consistent when running across digital channels. As cookie depreciation continues, 3rd party offline data sources continue to remain valuable, but a brand's 1st party data becomes even more invaluable. Finding a reputable onboarder to bring that data into the digital world (beyond just email marketing) is key. 

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Rickard Squared is a data driven direct marketing agency. Our core competency involves identifying, procuring, and leveraging data to help our clients acquire new customers, generate qualified leads, reactivate lapsed customers, generate revenue from proprietary data and engage clients/prospects across all marketing channels.



GM of Consumer Services @ Semcasting, Inc. 

Michael Skladony.jpg

Mike Skladony is the General Manager of Consumer Services, with over a decade of industry experience working with brands across a variety of industry verticals, helping them navigate the ever evolving landscape of Programmatic Advertising. Mike joined Semcasting straight out of college, becoming their first digital sales rep and has continued to grow his career becoming a valuable resource for Semcasting clients and partners. He’s worked with Hundreds of clients over the past several years to help formulate their digital marketing strategy, launch their programs and provide insights into post campaign performance. Mike’s favorite part of his job is sitting down with partners/clients, learning about their marketing goals, pain points, helping them find solutions and helping educate them about an industry that changes by the day.

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