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Email Marketing Tips & Trends That Work

May 07, 2024 |  53 min  |  Webinar 35

NEW! Email Marketing Tips & Trends That Work
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Think you’re up-to-date on the latest email marketing trends… think again! In this session, Jay Schwedelson, Founder of & President/CEO of Outcome Media, will guide you through the latest and greatest email marketing tips, trends and tactics. Discover email best practices to cut through the noise and ensure your emails are making an impact in the inbox. From how to increase open rates to getting more responses, you’ll learn ways to improve your overall email marketing ROI. Take a deep dive into what’s working to drive strong direct marketing results via email right now.


You will learn:

  • Simple and quick tweaks to double open rates for your email campaigns

  • The power of subject lines and the tactics that increase open rates

  • Ideal times/frequencies to send email

  • And more!

Join a unique place where you can easily connect with other members, speakers, and registrants! Here, interesting ideas flow freely as questions are asked and topics discussed - all while gaining valuable insights. Plus, it's the perfect spot for networking opportunities that may lead to something greater in your future. So hop on board now; join us today!



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Jay Schwedelson Headshot.JPG

Founder, President & CEO at Outcome Media/

As one of America’s top marketing experts, Jay Schwedelson provides the latest, research-backed knowledge and best practices to marketers of all sizes and industries. His newly launched podcast “Do This, Not That!: For Marketers” is among the most popular in the United States and has been ranked in the top 10 out of over 50,000 marketing podcasts in in the entire country. Jay gained much of this expertise as the founder of, the leading free subject-line rating tool ranked in the top 1% of all websites worldwide where he’s led the testing of more than 15 million subject lines. Jay is also the president and CEO of Outcome Media, a multi-brand marketing services company with a portfolio which includes three organizations: 1) Outcome Media, the leading demand generation agency for many of largest brands in the world, 2), and 3) GURU Events, which puts on the GURU conference, the world’s largest email marketing event, as well as other major marketing events which attract more than 30,000 attendees annually. Jay was inducted into the Hall of Fame at his alma mater, University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications, in recognition of career excellence.

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