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The Paper Trail:

How Current Paper Industry Trends Affect Marketers

April 9, 2024 |  47 min  |  Webinar 33

The Paper Trail: How Current Paper Industry Trends Affect Marketers
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Join us for a compelling webinar designed for marketers in the evolving paper industry. This session will explore the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in the paper sector as of 2024. Understand how these developments influence marketing strategies across both print and digital platforms. We'll discuss adaptive tactics to ensure effective communication and branding in a dynamic marketplace. This webinar is a must for marketers striving to stay informed and successful at the intersection of paper and digital mediums. Whether tackling paper shortages or considering sustainable practices, this session will provide key insights to enhance your marketing efforts in today's environment.

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Director of Business Development - Direct Marketing @ Salem One

Jon Bowman has been in the direct marketing industry since 1994, when he graduated from UNC Charlotte. Additionally, he earned his MBA from Wake Forest University.  Jon started with PostMark, Inc. out of college and grew the company eventually becoming president and owner. In 2019 Salem One acquired PostMark, Inc. Salem One currently has 3 production facilities and is in the top 100 on the Printing Impressions top 300. The direct marketing division of Salem One works with many national and regional brands on their direct marketing programs helping refine targeting strategies as well as using logistics expertise to reduce postage. Jon is the Industry Co-Chair for the Greater Triad PCC, a member of the Marketing Advisory Committee for the national PCC, has spoken at multiple NPFs, and has guest lectured at several Universities. He has also recently been taken the Direct Effect Ambassador course through the USPS. Personally, he has volunteered with Boy Scouts for over 15 years, has two sons of which one is an Eagle Scout and the other currently working on his Eagle Project, he is on the board of Blue Ridge Trout Unlimited, and frequently volunteers with a local non-profit, A Bed and A Book.

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