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What’s Your Plan B?

  July 22, 2021 |   58 min    |  Webinar 15

What’s Your Plan B?
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What is your Plan B as life gets back to a yet to be determined “new normal”?  How are you going to move you and your business forward?  Terry will help you look at  what you have learned over the past year and utilize those insights to succeed.


Since 1985, RMI has been committed to doing whatever it takes to meet clients’ goals―both in the mail and online. We research and recommend promising new opportunities and breathe new life into established management and brokerage programs with innovative ideas and productive negotiation tactics.

With RMI, you are choosing to work with a company that molds its services to your individual needs, is adaptive to change, and chooses every day to live up to our motto:

Your success. Our destination.



Terry Yoffe

Terry Yoffe


Terry Yoffe is an ICF, CTI and CRR certified personal, executive and business development coach based in New York City.  As an affiliate member of the Institute of coaching at McLean Hospital (a Harvard Medical school affiliate), she helps clients remove obstacles to break through and achieve desired personal and professional goals.  This is accomplished in part through self-awareness, self-exploration, clarification of goals, action plans and by building strong relationships.  Terry has coached hundreds of high-achieving business professionals ranging from young professionals and entrepreneurs, to mid-level managers and C‑Suite executives in both corporate and private practice.  Contact Terry at or by email at

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