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Why Insert Media Is Still Relevant...Perhaps Now More Than Ever

  Sept  24, 2020 |  54 min   |  Webinar 4

Why Insert Media Is Still Relevant...Perhaps Now More Than Ever
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This session will take a fresh look at a channel that’s been active for more than 50 years….and still going strong!

  • We’ll review and define the types of insert media (or as some call it alternative media) channels/vehicles and potential universes currently available for prospecting

  • Present examples and case studies of advertisers who have continued to make this channel work for them…..even through the COVID-19 era

  • We’ll also review how you can look to monetize your own outbound customer communications…whether via your product shipments, catalogs, billing statements or reactivation efforts


PlusMedia, LLC is a full-service media agency specializing in multichannel direct response marketing, with expertise in box inserts, direct mail, social media, connected TV, and more. Offering a variety of services including media strategy, buying & execution, campaign planning & analysis, creative & print production management, and revenue generation, the company serves direct-to-consumer, nonprofit, and B2B brands across the globe who are looking to grow their businesses in the U.S. and Canada. Founded in 1998, PlusMedia is an independent, privately-held, and certified woman-owned business with a 95% client retention rate. For more information, please visit


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Anthony DiNino is the Senior Vice President of the Insert and Print Media Division at Data Axle.  Anthony and his team are charged with generating incremental revenue for their clients, selling space in their insert media vehicles and helping them with their customer acquisition efforts across all insert and print media opportunities.  He also has a key role on the business development side for Data Axle.  Anthony has worked with clients in the catalog, publishing, e-commerce and non-profit space.  Anthony has presented the benefits of insert media over the years to the DMA Young Professionals  and the Vermont/New Hampshire Marketing Group. He has served as President of the Vermont/New Hampshire Marketing Group and was honored by the Insert Media Council in 2015 for “Outstanding Service and Contributions to the Insert Media Industry.”

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Marissa Meredith is the Director of Media & Account Management at PlusMedia with 19 years of experience working with clients across Alt Media, Print, FSIs, and Newspapers.  Marissa’s responsibilities include support of new business development, direct opportunities, development of testing strategies and recommendations / optimization strategies.  Marissa works internally to train new staff members in all facets of Alt Media and to construct various media recommendations.  She has successfully worked with a variety of categories including Apparel, Books/Publishing/Subscription, Insurance, eCommerce, Club/Continuity, Senior products, and Nonprofits.

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