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6/24/21, 5:00 PM

Email performance has never been better. Why? The number of email users worldwide and the time we spend in our inboxes keeps increasing. While this is great news for marketers looking to capture audiences via email campaigns, we have to also acknowledge behavioral changes over the last year that directly affect the way audiences notice and process our marketing messages. Forget what you think you know about email marketing and discover how you can best capture increased attention on inboxes with real, actionable insights from the last 60 days. This session will guide you through the latest best practices to help cut through the noise and ensure your emails are making an impact.

Key Takeaways Include:

  • Increasing open rates with stronger subject lines

  • The best days and ideal frequencies for sending emails

  • How to incorporate personalization, emojis, and interactive design to capture specific demographic audiences and drive performance

4/15/21, 5:00 PM

What is Connected TV and how does it fit into the media ecosystem? During this seminar, we will dive into how this media channel is disrupting the way people are consuming video and ultimately, how advertisers should adjust their strategies to capitalize on this shift in consumption.

2/18/21, 6:00 PM

K.A.R.E = Keep. Attain. Recapture. Expand | Bring your greatest selling and prospecting challenges! Join us for part one of a two-part master class as sales expert and trainer, Rob Fishman leads us in a discussion of common selling challenges including prospecting, sales cycle, not able to reach decision makers, lack of adequate introductions and referrals. Rob will address these issues and discuss alternative ways to achieve success in these vital areas.

10/8/20, 5:00 PM

Who would have ever thought an entity like the US Postal Service would be under attack by Congress? Who would ever have thought that a presidential race could become so emotionally charged? What do all the headlines from Washington mean for direct to consumer and direct to business marketers? ACMA President &  Executive Director Hamilton

Davison will lay out how you might relate to these changes for your own business.

6/10/21, 5:00 PM

As privacy is increasingly a top concern for businesses and consumers alike, Identity Resolution becomes more important to understand.  With that in mind, the HVDMA is pleased to bring you our next interactive webinar topic on Identity Resolution.  Join us for a free power hour lunch as our master experts Vincent Pietrafesa and Ajay Gupta from Stirista break down: what identity resolution is, why it’s important and what it means in the next evolution of Marketing.   No question will be left unanswered — come with your questions for a truly educational experience.

3/25/21, 5:00 PM

Long-time data industry counsel Ken Dreifach and Tony Ficarrotta of ZwillGen will address how new state privacy legislation, particularly in California and Virginia, is likely to impact the data industry by imposing new, and sometimes restrictive, requirements on data collection, use and marketing.

11/12/20, 6:00 PM

In this session, participants will learn how various forms of Digital Media has transformed the way businesses engage with their customers and how simple 90-second videos with a mobile phone can build a brand like never before.  From how to properly record videos to distributing them easily and quickly to measuring their impact, discover how Digital Media can transform your business in a marketplace that moves faster and faster each day.

9/24/20, 5:00 PM

This session will take a fresh look at a channel that’s been active for more than 50 years….and still going strong!

  • We’ll review and define the types of insert media (or as some call it alternative media) channels/vehicles and potential universes currently available for prospecting

  • Present examples and case studies of advertisers who have continued to make this channel work for them…..even through the COVID-19 era

  • We’ll also review how you can look to monetize your own outbound customer communications…whether via your product shipments, catalogs, billing statements or reactivation efforts

5/20/21, 5:00 PM

We are pleased to bring you our next webinar “Is AI/ML real?” .. Featuring a panel of expert data analysts and a data monetization expert moderator for a lively practical conversation on all things AI/ML - what it means to you and the world. Topics that will be discussed: What are neural networks, what are training sets, when to use regression or not use regression, ensemble  models, clone, and more.

3/11/21, 6:00 PM

K.A.R.E = Keep. Attain. Recapture. Expand | For part two of this masterclass, Rob Fishman will discuss the four essential business building blocks of revenue in your company. Using the KARE model, Rob will discuss client retention strategies (KEEP), how to prospect more effectively (ATTAIN), how to win back inactive or former clients and customers (RECAPTURE) and a way to grow accounts organically that have potential to do more (EXPAND).

10/29/20, 5:00 PM

Don’t miss LinkedIn 201 with Risa Hoag, President of GMGPR.

Risa will review:

  • How to maximize your posts for visibility

  • Writing articles to get traction and engagement

  • How to make sure your business page is helping your visibility

  • Your questions will be answered but you must submit them ahead of time! Don’t be shy, send them in!

8/6/20, 5:00 PM

In this session you will learn how privacy policies have changed digital identities and the marketing strategies needed to be digitally successful. From cookie type to best practices - learn how to navigate the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing and strategy.


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