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Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association Welcomes New Board Member Kim Fitzgerald

NEW YORK, July 18th, 2023 - The Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association (HVDMA) is proud to announce the latest addition to its board of directors, Kim Fitzgerald. A recognized professional with an impressive career trajectory in direct marketing, Fitzgerald will be joining the Membership Committee.

As an organization dedicated to supporting marketing professionals through a rapidly changing landscape, HVDMA is continually enhancing its board with individuals who are not only experienced but also passion-driven. Fitzgerald falls well within these criteria, providing a wealth of knowledge and fresh insight into the challenges and opportunities within the marketing profession today.

Reflecting on Fitzgerald's new appointment, the President of HVDMA, Heather Winnicki, commented, "We are thrilled to welcome Kim to our diverse team. Her expertise and innovative approach to direct marketing will undoubtedly provide immense value to our members. It also further emphasizes our commitment to providing high-quality resources and networking opportunities to our community."

Kim Fitzgerald expressed excitement about her new role, looking forward to contributing positively to the growth of HVDMA's member base and the delivery of its valuable offerings.

"I am delighted to take on this new challenge with HVDMA," said Fitzgerald. "With the pace of change in the direct marketing industry, ongoing learning and collaboration within professional networks such as ours are ever more vital. I look forward to making a meaningful impact within the Membership Committee."

The HVDMA is a professional association focused on offering valuable resources and opportunities to marketers. Through platforms for learning and networking, including webinars, podcasts, in-person networking events, luncheons, awards, and scholarship initiatives, the association supports professionals in staying updated on industry trends and connecting with colleagues in the field of marketing.

For more information about the HVDMA, its Board of Directors, and its membership, visit

Contact: Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association

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