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HVDMA Announces New Student Ambassador Position

NEW YORK, January 24th, 2024 - The Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association (HVDMA), a key resource for individuals and professionals in the marketing industry, is pleased to announce a brand new position within the association – the Student Ambassador.

HVDMA's mission has always been to facilitate learning, provide valuable resources, and create networking opportunities for those in the direct marketing field. In alignment with this, the Student Ambassador role has been carefully designed to provide an enriching platform for pro-active students looking to gain meaningful experience in this multi-faceted industry.


Role and responsibilities of the Student Ambassador at HVDMA include:

  • Actively Recruit Student Memberships: Engage with fellow students to promote membership benefits highlighting opportunities for professional development and networking.

  • Facilitate Engagement on the Resume Dashboard: Guide peers in showcasing their skills and accomplishments on the HVDMA platform.

  • Drive Applications for the Laura L. Smith Scholarship: Actively promote awareness about the scholarship among eligible students and assist them in the application process.

  • Boost Webinar & Event Attendance: Encourage students to attend key webinars and events emphasizing their educational and career benefits.


What's more, the Student Ambassador stands to gain numerous benefits from taking on this role:

  • Resume Builder: Elevate your resume with valuable leadership experience.

  • Complimentary Student Membership: Enjoy the benefits of free HVDMA membership.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with professionals and industry leaders.

  • Industry Recognition: Gain recognition within the industry through active participation and contributions.

  • Enhance Industry Knowledge: Stay updated with latest trends and developments in your field.

For more information on the position and details on how to apply, please visit HVDMA Student Ambassador Position.

HVDMA welcomes all eligible and interested candidates to apply for this position. This is an incredible opportunity for candidates to contribute to the association while gaining pivotal experience and exposure in the marketing industry.


Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association (HVDMA) continues to stand as a beneficial platform offering resources and networking opportunities for marketing professionals. It provides a space for shared learning experiences via webinars, podcasts, networking events, luncheons, and awards.


The Hudson Valley Direct Marketing Association

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